Meet the team


Kevin, Founder and CEO

Kevin is a former TV news reporter, PR executive, author, and hand model. He retired from hand modeling when he lost the coveted "pound-for-pound" world's greatest hand model title to J.P. Prewitt. He still wears full-length white arm gloves everywhere he goes and avoids hand and eye-contact whenever possible. His favorite places he's traveled to include Buenos Aires, Medellin and Hong Kong.


Bruno, Founder and Chief Designer

Bruno is an accomplished designer, having worked with several venture-backed startups and charities. The charity part coming by way of agreeing to associate himself with Kevin (see above). Bruno is also an avid photographer, preferring to take pictures of his beautiful wife in natural settings and well-positioned food (sans wife). His least favorite city is Rio De Janeiro.


Anuj, Technical Lead

Anuj is a serial entrepreneur, having recently founded a startup that was accepted into the Startup Chile program. In his limited spare time, he likes to watch re-runs of Game of Thrones. He relates closely with Arya. His favorite cities are Santiago and La Paz.

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