Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia


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Patrick, Santa Monica, over 5 years ago

Aguardiente! Don't know what it is?!? You will soon enough. It's their hard alcohol of choice. People buy it and drink it straight as a shot. It tastes kind of like a light Jager. Get used to it!

Patrick, Santa Monica, over 5 years ago

No matter what night you're there, go and pre-party in Parque Lleras. It's a unique experience where people buy booze from a local liquor store and drink it with friends in the park. It's easy to talk to other groups and girls and go to a club after.

Patrick, Santa Monica, over 5 years ago

Combination of hottest and easiest girls in the world! They're not pushovers, but with a little bit of game, you'll be alright. You could be 40 and hook up with a 20 year old. There's no stigma here. I think the legal consensual sex age is 16.

Chente, over 5 years ago

3 reasons to visit Medellin: the weather, the warm people and the women. Also, it is cheap to party there! The best time is during Feria de Las Flores. It's a week long party during the beginning of August.

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